Sep 16
Hero shot of Konbu Cha Pickled Vegetables served in a bowl.

Today's dish, Konbu Cha Pickled Vegetables is super easy and quick to make. You only need to pickle the vegetables for 30 minutes and the preparation takes just 5 minutes. It is lightly salted and full of umami.

I have already posted a recipe, ...

Sep 10
Japanese Mushrooms - Shiitake 2

Japanese Mushrooms – The Japanese diet is synonymous around the world as being wholesome, healthy, and delicious. People are often trying to figure out what it is about the diet that allows the Japanese to eat such tasty foods and yet remain mos...

Sep 8
Along with Tokyo, Yokohama is home to a great number of lovely cafes that offer a range of food options as well as a delicious drinks. Yokohama's cafe culture is a fusion of international influences that came to the charming city because of the in...
Aug 31
Hero shot of Wafū Mushroom Pasta.

Wafū Mushroom Pasta is not made with a cream or a tomato sauce. Its flavour comes from plenty of Asian mushrooms with a bit of bacon, soy sauce and mirin. Chopped green onions and thin strips of nori (roasted seaweed) scattered on the pasta make ...

Aug 31
shop for green tea

Not all green tea is the same- it comes in many varieties, including matcha, sencha, and gyokuro. The precise amount of caffeine in green tea will depend on the type of tea and how it's brewed.

The most common type of green tea (sencha) has a mod...

Aug 17
Hero shot of Hōtō Noodle Soup in a single serve clay pot.

Hōtō Noodle Soup (Hōtō Nabe) is a noodle soup dish with flat noodles, pumpkin, and other vegetables. They are cooked in a miso-flavoured broth. It is a perfect dish on a cold day (it's winter here in Australia), but I don't mind eating it in s...

Jul 12

Sencha, gyokuro, and matcha all vary greatly in quality. Even within first-harvest teas there are different grades of tea.

Japanese Green Tea Online only markets fresh first-harvest teas of the highest quality.

The Choice is Yours

Here are ...

May 25
HEro shot of Simmered Sardines with Pickled Plum.

Simmered Sardines with Pickled Plum is the dish that lets you eat the entire body of the sardine including the bones. The umeboshi (pickled plum), sake, and ginger in the simmering sauce eliminates the strong fishy smell of the sardines. They also...

May 21
Cold brewing Japanese green tea start

To make tea with this method, use a ratio of one to two tablespoons of tea leaves per liter of water.

Place the tea leaves in the bottom of a large teapot or container.

Add water, cover the container, and place it in the refrigerator to steep....

May 19

This post – How to Cook Rice The Japanese Way – is all about the Japanese way of cooking rice. Preparing rice is one of the fundamentals of Japanese cooking. It is not boiled like pasta, it is cooked using the so-called absorption method. But ...

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