How the Ancient Japanese planted rice- and how we can see it today

In this video we are going to visit the peace and nature NPO organic farm in Kobe Japan.
Bahram is an Iranian man who along with his Japanese wife Shinobu, has been developing this farm for the past 18 years. Working alongside his Japanese farming neighbors he has worked to retain the old values of community and traditional Japanese farming while integrating sustainability and technology at the same time. Pretty impressive right? He’s specifically done this through weekend events wherein participants can come and experience what traditional communal Japanese rice-farming was like. That is what you will see today. Alongside the community focused community accomplished traditional rice farming we’ll also speak with a few students. And don’t be fooled, these are students who have grown up in Japan. They’ll give us further insight into what this farm means to the community as well as how the youth specifically are helping with the technological initiatives at the farm.