How to make green tea taste good – lessons from japanese tea experts! -- Apr 18
Did you know that green tea and black tea all come from the same Camellia Sinensis plant? Nope, I didn’t either!

Despite being someone who drinks tea on a daily basis, this little fact blew my mind. The difference between the two is that all black tea is fermented, and green tea is not fermented. The green leaves are steamed after they have been harvested to stop fermentation, resulting in a fresh, delicate flavor. Green tea can be drunk either hot or cold, but it should be brewed differently from black tea, which is where many of us go wrong. Read the below tips to learn how to make green tea taste better.

At Home Green Tea Brewing Tips & Tricks

Make sure your water is not too hot. It should be 70-80°C or 160-170°F. If you have boiled a kettle to make your tea, wait a couple of minutes for the water to cool sufficiently. It should NOT be boiling, this is what creates the bitterness.

You should only prepare the amount of water that you are going to drink at one time. Measure out your cup of water, and just add your green tea leaves to this amount. Don’t prepare enough water for a second or third cup because when the water sits with the green tea leaves, it will become more bitter.

You can use the same green tea leaves in your pot several times. Each time the flavor will be slightly different, but it will still be rich and delicious. You can get a lot out of one batch of leaves, you just don’t want to brew a big pot of tea at once.

Don’t pour the water from your teapot directly onto the tea leaves. Add the tea leaves to your teapot, pour your hot water into your cup first instead. This means you will only pour the amount that you are going to drink. Wait about 30-60 seconds which will reduce the temperature of the boiling water enough so that you’re not brewing the tea at too high a temperature. Take your hot cup of water and then add it to the leaves in the pot and wait another 60 seconds for the tea to brew.

Green tea only needs a short amount of steeping time, the ideal brewing time is 60 seconds. If you like it really strong you can leave it to brew for 90 seconds, but don’t leave it longer than this.

Use three short pours instead of one long one when transferring your green tea from the pot into the cup. This helps to mix the tea from the bottom and top of the pot.

Be sure to shake the pot to get out the last few drops of water- all of the best flavor is in there!

If you’re making a second cup of tea, the second brew doesn’t need as long because the leaves are already open.

You can reuse your tea leaves repeatedly as long as your leaves don’t dry out.